Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Strand Book Fair

I couldn't have found a better place for spending my sunday afternoon. A place where i was surrounded by so many of books. Being surrounded by so many books had always given me a high. I was planning to go to Strand Book Fair for quite some time, but had neither the time nor the oppurtuinity to do so. Strand Books' legacy of offering a minimum of 20% discount on the books and the wide coverage given by media were adding to my excitement so much that Sunday morning i decided, be it rain or fall i am going there today.

Even if it was a lazy sunday afternoon, all the three halls where the Book Fair was being conducted in the Chinnaswamy Stadium was filled with people. Childrens rummaging over the tables containing comics, couples discussing whether 'Freakonomics' would make a good read or not, friends recommending books for each other, elderly people moving slowly from one table to another were the common sights. All of them had two things in common - a carry bag full of books and a passion for reading. It was nice to see so many ardent readers discussing fervently which book to buy and which not. Even with so many technological gadgets occupying our attention and space, books remain a man's best friend till date.

In my childhood, books came to me weaving a magical world of fairies, dwarfs, princesses, princes, kings and queens. They brought with them Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Pinochio, Peter Pan and Cindrella. In my dreams these characters flocked in once in a while giving me an interesting story to remember for days to come.Those years, everything that i read had a mystical aura surrounding it. Years passed by and books came to me as Diamond Comics, Sherlock Holmes, Famous Five and Princess Diaries. After that they came to me as Three Men in a Boat and a few more. Then came the huge bunch of technological books and somewhere in the process of mugging them up i lost my magical world. I lost everything magical about books and they became mere huge chunks of papers which i have to eat up to score more in my exams, to get into a good engineering college, to get a good job and the list went on. I had become too busy cramming them up that i lost in touch any book other than my text books. After all, your priorities at a particular point of time govern your interests to a certain extend.

But now i have to catch up with all those years which i have spent ignoring my books. I am trying to find as much time as possible to read. I want to be in the world of Somerset Maugham and Charles Dickens. I want to read 'World is Flat' and 'Freakonomics'. I want to discuss books with my friends. I want to own all the lovely books in this world. All in all I want to be in that magical world yet again.


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At December 12, 2006 at 12:43 PM , Anonymous sweetu said...

its a joy to walk down an aisle full of magic when u have someone to talk about it with. good work. keep it up

At December 13, 2006 at 3:40 AM , Anonymous Bindu Kumar said...

good post...i too have to read "World is flat"

At December 13, 2006 at 4:20 AM , Blogger Dewdrop said...


Thank u!!!


Thanks. I bought the book but yet to start reading.

At December 14, 2006 at 11:54 PM , Blogger dH said...

u mmbr of communities relatd to "books","reading" etc.. in orkut?...they may b inciting.

At December 15, 2006 at 1:48 AM , Blogger Dewdrop said...


I am a member of the community 'Books'

At December 15, 2006 at 10:14 AM , Blogger Manoj said...

"In my childhood, books came to me weaving a magical world [snip]"

This is a sentiment I can echo. I grew up reading the likes of "Amar Chitra Katha" and "Paico Classics". I still remember the excitement I got out of reading, for instance, 'Moby Dick' and 'Ivanhoe', first in "Classics" form, then the abridged version and finally the original. Looking back I am all too grateful to the books for making my childhood so much fun.

"I am trying to find as much time as possible to read."

I found it paradoxical that as adults we can easily afford but can spare very little time to enjoy the books we used to drool after as youngsters. I suppose this is part of the price to be paid for financial independence.

At December 15, 2006 at 7:45 PM , Blogger Ankur said...

in case of orkut, there is another community called e-books wher people often offer links or ask for e-mail ids to mail you e-books.
I collected lots of book from that community but the fun and satisfaction of reading the conventional book is just not there in an e-book.

At December 17, 2006 at 4:55 AM , Blogger Dewdrop said...


I belive those who didn't read those books in the childhood would have truly missed out on that magical world. Financial Independence leaves us with little time for ourselves is a fact. After all, its a hard earned thing.


I never found any fun in reading an e-book. I think its the feeling to be with the book, touching it and turning its pages that makes reading a pleasure.

At January 17, 2007 at 9:43 AM , Blogger Arun Pillai said...

Sigh ..i missed out that opportunity to buy one very special buk "One night in a call centre". Wanted to gift someone :)

At March 23, 2007 at 12:29 PM , Anonymous witnwisdumb said...

Interesting place you have here... hope to see more posts! :)

At May 11, 2007 at 2:18 AM , Blogger Dewdrop said...


It need not be 'One night at Call Centre' alone. She is ready to accept any book

Thanks!!! Will post more. :)

At December 19, 2007 at 2:12 AM , Blogger Aroj said...

So i didnt know there was a strand in bangalore too..

...strand mumbai was a cherished visit every year since my childhood days....

..will check out the one here too :-)


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