Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Simple Pleasures of Life - 1

Smell of books

How many times have your opened a new book and tried to smell its pages? Never ?!?! Then you should do it very soon. You can try it with an old book too. What you sense will be a rustic smell, sharp enough to tinkle many of the old memories. I wish I could put a name on that smell. Alas, somethings in life are meant to be felt and not explained in as many words. That's why it is called a simple pleasure of life. Doesn't all the booklovers out there will agree with me?

P.S: Starting today, Simple Pleasures of Life will be a weekly feature in dewdrops, in which we will discuss a simple pleasure of life every Wednesday. The criteria for an experience to satisfy as a simple pleasure of life - it should be rather inexpensive, simple to understand and heartfelt. Isn't that simple?



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