Friday, March 5, 2010

My sweet lulu ...

I was two years and 9 months, when I first saw her. I looked at her, wide eyed through the glass windows of the neo-natal care in a hospital in God's own country. She had chosen to arrive a few minutes later, was born a 'blue' baby and had to be given special care the initial few days in the hospital. I don't remember what exactly was I feeling the moment I first saw her. But I truely was amazed by that bundle of joy, who was biting into other babies' fingers because she was too hungry and her hunger couldn't be satisfied by whatever food was available in the neo-natal care.

She must have been the first baby I ever held in my hand. But it was always so difficult for me to carry her around because she was quite a handful, a cute chubby baby. She loved baloons, had always been a water baby and cried at the smallest hint of rebuke or embarassment. I have got many a beating from my mom because she always thought I was the one at fault :|

As years passed by we became best friends, accomplices and each others pillars of strength. The fact that our parents were in busy professions brought us much closer to each other. We shared everything from clothes, bags and shoes to thoughts, beliefs and dreams. We have had such vocal fights that someone hearing it would have thought that the problem is more complex than the India-Pakistan issue. But it would take only a few minutes before we both can't stop laughing about it :D

She is one of the people who would have irritated me so much in my life, at the same time, the sweetest person in this world for me.

She is the one whom I wanted to protect from very bad thing of life.

She is the one whom I have tried to manaufy after every fight of ours during our childhood, when she refused to even talk to me.

She is the one whom I allow to boss around me, though she wants me to convince mom and dad for things to happen in her own way.

She has tried to take care of me, no matter how young she was and how far she was away from me.

We have stood for each other through thick and thin, providing each other a shoulder to cry on and whatever support one could offer.

She has told me the story of all the Harry Potter books, something which she is so passionate about, late into the night, while I was struggling to stay awake and sound

Many years ago, we were these two little girls, oblivious to the vagaries of life and the ways of world. Years have passed by and we both are at different stages in life and at opposite ends of the globe. Still my sister, I wish I could go a few years back so that I can grow up with you again, grow from being sisters to best friends, to play all those pranks on people, to eat all those goodies which mom had hiden somewhere up in the cupboard and to spend many a sleepless night gossiping away to glory.

Today my sweet little sister is celebrating her 23rd birthday. Happy Birthday lulu, may you have the best of everything life has to offer. I am always in awe and so proud of the strong, beautiful girl you have transformed into.

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