Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Last two months of anticipation.

You wait for something to happen so badly, and later come to know that its not going to happen.

Today is one of those days :(

And the reason which they give, hmmm..... all the more absurd.

I am heartbroken.

I don't think any amount of chocolates will lift my mood now.

Kolkata Book Fair is called off. Today's newspaper came with this 'jadhka'. I would hardly believe it while perusing it.

Kolkata Book fair being Asia's largest and world's second largest book fair, I so much wanted to be a part of it and experience it. Me and pooj were anxiously looking forward to it. Our plans of bunking classes and going for it, buying lots of books, all went down the drain.

The stakeholders who are at a loss - Publishers who will face a revenue loss of Rs 15 - 20 crore, bibliophiles all around the country, and ofcourse me.

I am really not liking it.



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