Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Its NaBloPoMo time

Finally, I am back to the City of Nizams after my six month stint at United States, and boy, the moment I landed over here, the summer heat struck me like a thunder bolt. Right after that, I went on a short vacation to my hometown, wishing it would be raining cats and dogs in God's own country. But much to my dismay, the rain gods decided to visit my place, a week before and a week after my visit, carefully avoiding the week when I was home :(((( However, I gorged on enough mangoes(the next best thing about this season) and I am continuing to do so.

Back in office, it has been crazy work schedule, putting in 14 hours everyday, with enough deadlines to meet. However, I had been toying with a secret desire for sometime now. Many a time before I had thought about it and chickened out, considering my work schedule and other commitments. For the last few months, I had been thinking, I need to do this and by the end of every month, I back off, thinking its going to be yet another hectic month both professionally and personally. But now, with more conviction than ever, I am determined to do this.

I am doing a blog marathon !!!

There, I said it!!! The irregular blogger I am, I think it is one way to bring some discipline to my writing. But there are several other reasons why I want to do this.

- I love words, I love books, I love reading
- I genuinely love writing
- I want to explore my creative side more
- Many a time, I so much want to write about a topic, but before I could get myself to do it, it looses its charm. Lack of time, again a reason.
- I love it so much when someone likes one of my posts and tells me why they liked it
- I take so much pride when someone tells me that they love my blog
- I find reading good blogs a real fun thing to do
- When I love writing so much, why shouldn’t I pursue it
- I am not ready to allow my work schedule get in between something I love so much.
- And finally, this is something I am doing for myself, to prove to myself that I have the determination to do a NaBloPoMo

So friends, from tomorrow, the 1st of July, I will be posting everyday, for one whole month. I am well aware of the fact that its a huge responsibility and a commitment that I am undetaking, but I need to do it. I need all your support and feedback on my posts. Flowers, brickbats, chocolates, comments, all are welcome. Tomorrow, the journey starts ...



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