Monday, April 4, 2011

We are the Champions !

I am not a huge fan of cricket, neither do I follow the game very closely. At times, I do watch some interesting/important matches, but my knowledge about the game is very limited (Having said this, I know that many of you will dismiss me as a not-a-true-blue-indian).

Never in my life have I got up at 4AM to watch a match, for that matter I don't like getting up early at all. Never ever have I painted my face with tricolours and watched a match with twenty other friends, that too with my heart pounding continously for a whole nine hours. From the dramatic toss to 54 runs in last five overs to Sehwag getting out in the first ball to excellent partnerships between Dhoni, Gambhir and Yuvraj, it was a roller coaster ride which I thoroughly enjoyed.

For the generations to come, we can say that 'Yes, I was watching the game when Dhoni hit that winning six and India won the World Cup'

Team India - You made it all worth it. And yes, at the end it was all for Sachin !

P.S. Thanks to all my friends who made that match such a memorable experience for me.


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