Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Polka Dot Puss

Remember that episode in Tom and Jerry when Jerry puts spots all across Tom's face and treats him for chickenpox. Well, I kind of felt sorry for Tom for all the hardships he had to endure (at Jerry's hands) because of the disease. I feel all the more sorry for him because I am diagnosed with chicken pox and is bed-ridden now. 

I wish mine was also a fake chicken pox and I could get up and run around in two days. Alas, that is not true. I was diagnosed the very next day I got back from my Eurotrip and is in bed since then. And it is so not fun when you get this disease as an adult. Here is to a speedy recovery and less scars from all the lesions on the body.

How have you all been?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Simple Pleasures of Life - 7

Getting up before the alarm and realising that you still have one more hour to sleep

Alarms are dreaded instruments, especially on weekday mornings. You feel like you have just hit the sack when you are suddenly woken up by a sreeching sound. You try to snooze, demand and finally beg for some more sleep. But eventually you have to get up and start with the daily routine. Then what happens when you get up well before the alarm rings and realise that you can sleep for one more hour? You thank your stars and go back to sleep with a smile on your face, snuggling happily to your blanket. Ah, simple pleasures of life.

P.S. I am travelling for the next one week and will be moderating the comments till the time I am back. I will be replying to the comments and reading your blogs as soon as I am back.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Simple Pleasures of Life - 6

Watching a movie trailer and guessing the entire story of the movie

Oh yeah ! You are at your home watching the previews of upcoming movies and you and your sister/friend/husband make up the entire story of the movie by just watching the trailer. It is quite a fun thing to do. Especially when you watch the entire movie once it hits the theatre and realise that the actual story of the movie is quite different from what you had envisioned ! You look back and laugh at your creativity. At times, you wish the actual story of movie was indeed what you made up, it was more fun that way :)

P.S. I am travelling for the next two weeks and will be moderating the comments till the time I am back. I will be replying to the comments and reading your blogs as soon as I am back.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Pitter Patter

She hit the ‘Shutdown’ button and watched small windows dancing up and down on the screen. To her right, she could see the raindrops making indecipherable patterns on the windows. She stretched her hands and let out a small sigh. “When will it stop raining in Mumbai?” She laughed at herself. Such a rhetoric question! She got up from her seat and started collecting her belongings.

There were two other people in front of the elevator. She waited impatiently, watching the floor numbers flash in the descending order. There were more people inside the lift. Blank faces, haggard from a 10 hour work day, with a distant look in their eyes, pre-occupied by the thoughts of the long hours of commute ahead of them or better still, of a home cooked dinner awaiting them at the end of it. How she wished she had similar thoughts in her mind. She shrugged at the thought of her empty apartment and some left-overs in the fridge.

She walked out of the elevator into the lobby. Many people were waiting in the lobby hoping that rain will subside sometime soon. But she didn’t hold such thoughts. She took out her umbrella and ventured into the rain. There was dirty water all around, nevertheless, people were walking on the road, avoiding potholes with the skills of an acrobat. Wind was gushing in the opposite direction, but she held on to her umbrella with a vengeance. She tried to stop a good number of auto-rickshaws, but no one seemed to be going in the same route. She continued walking aimlessly. She was passing by a slum area and that is when she saw a group of children playing with the rain water. Seeing the paper boats floating around, she felt something tugging at her heart.

She could hear their laughter clearly in her head. The image was slightly blurred though. It was she and her own sister running through the stair-way with some sheets of papers in their hands. They both sat down on the last step and started making paper boats. One by one, the boats started floating in the water – some capsized, but some went on for long distances as though they were on a mission. The neighborhood kids soon joined in and boating races were conducted to see whose boat will travel the farthest.

A loud splash of water and she was brought back to reality. The mud water fell on her too and she bit her tongue hard to suppress the curse words that were about to fall out of her mouth. The wind was playing a tug of war with her umbrella, but she didn’t have any intention of giving in. She continued walking looking for an auto-rickshaw, but in vain. In front of her was a mother-daughter duo; the mother was carrying her daughter and they both were under one umbrella. They held on to each other as if they were inseparable. She looked fondly at them.

She had always loved rain when she was younger. The smell that emanates from ground when that first raindrop hits the ground, the beauty of watching the rain through a window, the cozy feeling of curling up inside the blanket, eating pakodas and drinking hot tea – she loved each and everything associated with the rain. But she still feels nobody loved rain more than her mom. She could see her mom perched in front of a window for hours watching the raindrops hitting the ground. She had always hugged on to her mom and slept during thunderstorms, with the wind and rain singing a melodious lullaby in the background.

Another splash of water and this time it was a car. She was at her wit’s end. Fully drenched and walking in the muddy water for the last half an hour had really made her irritable. She started looking for some shelter around her. Not so far, she noticed a group of girls, barely in their 20s, giggling and walking in the rain. They were jumping up and down, dancing and enjoying the rain to the fullest.

“It is raining, come on everybody let’s go to the rooftop”, her friends were shouting. In no time, twelve of them were on the rooftop of their college hostel, jumping up and down and running about in the rain. Hold no bars; the first rain of the season should be enjoyed to its fullest. They played antakshari, pulled each others legs and danced away the evening in rain.

Again a strong gush of wind; but this time instead of holding on to her umbrella, she let it go. She opened up her arms and experienced the raindrops falling effortlessly on her face. She could feel a small tear drop forming on the brink of her left eye, but she just let it be.

P.S: This story of mine was voted to be in the top ten stories and got published in my office magazine about a year ago. I thought of sharing it here today.

P.P.S. I am travelling for the next two weeks and will be moderating the comments till the time I am back. I will be replying to the comments and reading your blogs as soon as I am back.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

An adventure is about to begin !

Passport : Check
Visa: Check
Flight Tickets: Check
Hotel Reservations: Check
Train Confirmations: Check
Husband a.k.a Best Friend a.k.a Favourite Travel Companion: Check
Entry tickets for many of attractions that need to be reserved ahead: Check
Stuff all the clothes into one carry on baggage: Quite a difficult task, but still check (yay!)
Filling travel size bottles of all the necessary toiletries: Again quite a daunting task, but still check (phew!)

Yes, an adventure is about to begin. I leave you with this pic for a sneak peek into some of the books that had been keeping me company during my bedtime, for the last few months.

P.P.S. I am travelling for the next two weeks and will be moderating the comments till the time I am back. I will be replying to the comments and reading your blogs as soon as I am back.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Simple Pleasures of Life - 5

Browsing through old family albums

You may be sporting a different hair or your fashion sensibilities may have taken a 180 degree turn. You no longer have those crooked teeth, neither are you that cute chubby child who always sat down while the picture was being clicked. One thing is for sure, for better or worse, you look a lot different now. Browsing through old family albums is a nice way of reminiscing those good old days. A trip down the memory lane is always bound to bring a smile on your face.



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