Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moved again !!!

Blog Marathon Post 11

Yesterday, I packed all my stuff and moved places again. In the last three years, I have done it way too many times. You pack all your stuff, move to a new house/place to stay, unpack everything, make it your home and by the time you get accustomed to the place, it's time for you to move again. Last three years had seen me doing this at least ten times. I stayed in at least four different states of India and lived abroad too. I have changed my mobile number way too many times, much to the chagrin of my friends and relatives.

The whole point of all of this is I am getting tired. I am all for travelling, but I wish at the end of the day I can come back to a place which I can call home. I wish I can know where I am going to be after three-four months. But I don't see it happening anytime soon. I am sure that for the next one year I am going to pack and unpack many more number of times. My job doesn't allow me to set up everything in one place and settle down there. Not that I am complaining, but yesterday was the last straw. I hate packing and unpacking now. And how am I supposed to carry a quarter lifetime of memories in four suitcases?

I think I am getting old :/

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At July 11, 2010 at 7:26 AM , Blogger Aparna said...

Join the nomads club!

You are not alone!

My dad gets transfers often. The new posting could be anywhere in the country..north, south, east or west .I have lived in five different cities and attended 7 different schools and 2 different colleges. I have a feeling we are nomads living in a mobile van. I always felt like a displaced person. I was the new kid on the block- an outsider, creating barrier to make friends. It was a very disruptive life. Each time I would start making friends it was time to say goodbye. Somehow this made me tough from inside, for good that I have encountered various people, each with their own peculiar personalities. This made me independent.

At July 11, 2010 at 9:58 PM , Blogger Pratibha said...

Oh dear, cheer up gal!
In the last two years I stayed in 3 very different cities and it was hard for me and it was fun, all at the same time. But that is how things are when we are so sure about what we want.
And some stress comes with moving in and are just fine..:)

At July 12, 2010 at 5:47 AM , Blogger Dewdrop said...

@aparna: Thats the better way of looking at it. Being independent comes with being a nomad I guess.
@pratibha: Thanks dear. Just one of those days when everything looks like going bad for you :) I am bad to my old self now :)


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